Remote Access (Please help


Please help as I do not have a clue what I am doing re:networking and remote streaming
Im really confused over which services I need and whether I need to use port forwarding if using webdav. Not even sure then which access address to use for instance the webdav http address or my actual mac remote login ssh address etc etc

I have set up port forward on my BT hub (Port 22) protocol tcp
I also have webdav running http://mymacbookipaddress:2222/
I have checked to see if this port is open via a ‘
I then try access these shares via infuse pro on my ipad using ‘via network share’ and am unable to access/connect?
I am not even certain what the address should be? do i use the full share which include the http,ip,port or do I just type the ip address or do i also need the port number etc etc
Am I missing an important step out? ie do I need a DYDNS address for it to work or do I need macos server / apachi to turn my macbok into a server?

Would really appreciate if someone could explain the actual process which I am sure is probably really really simple?

Many many thanks

Just to re-iterate I am using a paid version of infuse / infuse 6 pro…just to add, I can access my mac shared movie folder on my local network using smb, I can access this folder via the infuse app on both my appletv unit and my ipad and other ios devices.
The only difficulty is remote access to this shared folder via an ipad on both 4G and even on a remote wifi

Thanks again