Remembers latest streaming state HUGE ANNOYANCE

This is difficult to explain in the header. But if I watch something and choose to stream to my Chromecast this is then the default state… If I don’t remember to turn off streaming before the video enda then the next thing I watch (even days later) gets automatically sent to Chromecast. The real issue is that you do not find this out until the video starts and the tv starts by itself and wakes up the kids. It is only possible to see the streaming state AFTER the video is started. It would be great if this could be changed from the library interface instead of the now playing interface.

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We’re looking into a better way to handle this. Thanks!

Today’s 6.2.5 update includes a Google Cast button on the main Library page. This is visible when Google Cast is active, and will allow you to disable it before playing a video.

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