Remember the last view option

Could we get an option in a later version to have the program remember the previous view when it is opened i.e. files view rather than always defaulting to library. By the way I am still not having any luck getting the “library” view with the large fan art for my local files even after upgrading.

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Infuse will always remember the view you are in, unless of course you are force quitting the app from time to time.

Here’s why force closing apps is generally a bad idea.

I totally get that force closing apps isn’t good; but apple allows this behaviour and you not supporting and understanding that this can happen isn’t very good either (I know other apps store current “settings” to ensure available after reset. pointing to that page is no way a get out of jail free card :frowning:

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Thanks for the feedback.

We’re currently looking into ways to retain the Library/Files selection for a future update.

FYI, this has been added for the upcoming 5.5.3 update, which is scheduled to be released alongside iOS 11 next week. :slight_smile:

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