Reloading Metadata

Hey all-

I’m wondering if this is by design or not… Every time I turn on my Apple TV 2 to go and watch a movie, it reloads the metadata every time. Is this by design? Is there a way to set it so that it only scans for newly added files every time and not metadata for movies that have not changed?




Same thing here. It should be able to cache information it has already downloaded.

Thanks for the response. I was hoping someone else would have noticed this as well. Hopefully a moderator or someone will see this and chime in.

i second this. i have about 600+ items and it takes minutes until the metadata is reloaded , every time i enter the folder … way too slow.

A number of improvement for metadata loading speeds are in the works, and some of these will be included in a new version coming later this week.

As a point, the v1.1 version still fails to cache metadata; it reloads it every single time.

Unfortunately this makes the Grid view unusable for the time being, which is a bit of a pity as it seemed to work really nicely in v.9. Any info on the timeframe for a fix would be very much appreciated. 

With 1.1.1 out does it get cached now? If not, will caching be an option in the future? Not just faster loading but proper caching. I’m assuming on our side we would just have to make sure ATV has SMB RW access to the NAS. Here’s hoping.