Reload Metadata overriding

Reload metadata does not seem to work with manual overriding of metadata and cover art. E.g. after replacing a cover art file to display a new image, the grid view will still display the old image even after using the “Reload metadata” option on the item.



Fixed for the next update.

Thanks, replacing File Cover Art now works fine in MP 0.94. However, Folder Cover Art is still a problem and continue to show the old folder image even after having it replaced with a new image (no option to reload Folder Cover Art when pressing select)

How large are your folder images? Currently files up to 300KB in size will be supported.

You can place an image with the same name alongside your folder, or place an image named folder.jpg inside the folder.

I only use quite small folder images, all are between 6 and 13 KB. Also verified that the new image is correctly shown in grid view by creating a folder “Test” and renaming the image to Test.jpg - as said the problem is when trying to replace an existing folder image with a new image (same name), MP does not seem to detect that the folder image has changed and continues to display the old folder image. Unlike File conver art that now can be reloaded, there is no such option when pressing select on a folder (or have I missed something ?)


Update: when switching to list view the new folder image is displayed correctly. switching back to grid view and the old image is displayed (an image that does not even exist anymore, so it must be cached somewhere by media player for use in grid view…?)