Reload Metadata for movies

Hey there,

I’ve hopped onto and I’ve started adding movies to the database. Trouble is once a movie is added to themoviedb some of the movies I’ve added showup in the list when I reload metadata and some of them don’t. I’ve tried renaming the files on my computer and renaming the movies on but I still can’t get some of my newly added movies metadata to appear on my Apple TV.


Here is a movie I’ve added that I can’t get to appear on my ATV: Campaign 2: A Taylor Steele Movie (2013) — The Movie Database (TMDb) I’ve tried renaming the file in my library: Campaign 2, Campaign.2, Campaign.2.A.Taylor.Steele.Movie, Campaign 2 A Taylor Steel movie and renaming the file still won’t bring up the movie I’ve recently added. Any ideas how to make it appear on the metadata list?