Relay connection active Error

Hello everyone. I am currently experiencing difficulty playing videos. I have 2 remote shared video libraries via plex (one from each of my siblings) as well as my own collection. I’m the only one who uses infuse and had configured access to all 3 libraries. Until a month ago, I had no difficulty playing videos from either library. Now, I repeatedly get a “relay connection active” error when trying to watch videos from one brother’s library.
When I try to watch videos from either my or my second brother’s library, I have no problems. I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this.

TLDR; 3 Brothers each with their own plex libraries all shared with one another. Used to work flawlessly. Now videos from brother A’s library give “Reay connection error” when I try to view. Brother C’s videos still play. I’m the only one (brother b) with the problem. I’m the only one using infuse to stream.