Rejailbreaking Apple TV 2 - Need Some Help.

Hi - I messed a little bit on my Apple TV 2 (jailbroken) such as missing icons, youtube login issues, and the SSH login issue - so decided to rejailbreak it. On TV screen, the firmware shows iOS 6.2. When saving firmware signatures using Seas0npass on Mac, the SHSH extraction failed, so I switched to PC, it did save successfully. However, when I used iFaith 1.5.9 to dump shshs, it saved shshs for 5.0.2, 6.1.4bGM, 7.1.2bGM. From past, I also have shshs saved for 5.0, 5.0.2, 6.0 and 6.1. I am a bit confused as to what iFaith suggested to restore to 5.0.2, as I hope to restore to 5.3, and then jailbreak untethered.

Can anyone here please suggest the next step? Thanks so much.

sack all that off and just do this

Hi guys I haven’t read the last three pages so not sure where people are at but this has been driving me mad but I have a solution.

I bought an apple tv off ebay that was jailbroken running 4.3. I have been told multiple times on multiple forums that you CAN NOT upgrade to 5.3 and retain the jailbreak. YES YOU CAN AND UNTETHERED

All you have to do is save your blobs so you can always go back if anything goes wrong (use ifaith on windows)

Then download “AppleTV2,1_5.3_10B809_SP_Restore.ipsw” without quotes - google it you can download it everywhere

Then simply go to Itunes and plug in your apple TV if your on a Mac press option key/Windows its shift key and click restore at the same time you then get to select which .ipsw file to restore with - point it to the one you just googled and downloaded (file location wherever your downloads go)

Itunes will then restore the apple TV to 5.3 - Then I tried to save SSH blobs again using Ifiaith but was unsuccessful multiple times (about 10) so don’t worry about this step

Downloads the latest Seas0npass and simply jailbreak your Apple Tv again, it works perfectly however it doesn’t work on Macs that are running Lion or Snow Leopard (like me) so I used my work PC and it worked perfectly on Windows 7.

Hope this helps as there;s a lot of people sayin yo need blobs for all this to work but you don’t as Apple are still signing 5.3 or (AppleTV2,1_5.3_10B809_SP_Restore.ipsw)

Hope this helps everyone as its been doing my head in for days!!