Rejailbreaking 5.3

I currently have an Apple TV 2 with 5.3 jailbroken and I had originally installed XBMC with XBMC hub and a bunch of other add ons came with it. I’ve noticed that a few updates happen with XBMC in the background and slowing things down and crashing often.

Wondering if there was a way at this point to reset and rejailbreak and manually install XMBC (or the updated Kodi now I guess) and only the add ons I want.

Can’t seem to find anything online about rejailbreaking any advice?

No need to rejailbreak. Just delete and reinstall XBMC but without running the hub wizard. The Nito installer isn’t working for Kodi so you’ll need to SSH. On a windows machine you can use putty to SSH. Use the link posted by ak77pro in the following thread…