Reinstalling an atv1

Hi Folks. Been a satisfied customer since 2009.

I bought atv flash back in 2009 for atv1; later on atv flash black for atv2, both working great.

Unfortunately the last update 4.5 update messed up my atv1, so I need to reinstall my atv1.  The firecore installer wont work without internet connection, when on Internet it keeps on saying I should download last version. As your are forcing an update it seems I can not use the installer I bought once again.

You do not provide the download link for atv1 for my account any more. That means I cannot reinstall a product I already bought… are you serious ?

You might probably reevaluate your service procedures.

Yours sincerely.


I am in the same situation.  I bought my copy of atv1 with the lifetime option.  Went to rebuild this weekend and ended up at the same spot, can’t update, download option is gone, and so far no response on my support ticket.