Reinstall ATV Flash

I bought ATV Flash about a year ago or so.

Now I have to reinstall ATV Flash on my AppleTV but when I try to start it on my Mac it says that my version is outdated. 

Now I can’t find a link on The FireCore hompage to download it again.

I can not install an upgrade from within the ATV since the ATV unfortunately has been through a factory reset.

Can you please help me?

You can always download the latest version through the Downloads tab in your account.

I have exactly the same issue as I did a factory reset on my apple tv but it is not possible to download again the atv flash file as it seems necessary to buy a new license. That’s awkard.

Having same problem. Need to reinstall Atvflash. But can’t. Getting the “Ooops” error code.


Something is wrong here. I can’t reinstall just because there is a new version out? I don’t care about any new version. I just want to install my old. Get it fixed Firecore! Thanx.