Reinstall AppleTV2+atv flash?

Hi there,

i’m using an apple tv2 with ATV Flash, and im very exited - it do perfectly what it should, and i’m very happy with it.

But, before i installed atv flash, i tried a bit arround with other packages (such as xbmc and nitotv), which i installed via SSH and apt-get.

Now, actual i can’t deinstall xbmc, and i have some ugly shortcuts on the “home screen”, which i’m not getting away.

I want to reinstall my AppleTV2; a clean install with only atv flash on it (it’s everything i need…).

Maybe, someone could give me a tip, what’s the best practice in this case? Should i connect the atv2 to my PC and Restore the factory defaults, then jailbreak it with seasonpass?

What’s with the actual update 4.4? If i restore the atv, i thought, apple checks what’s the latest version on their servers and installs the actual firmware? Is there a “workaround” about this?

thanks for help!

Hey, no help from me, but I have the exact same issues, and I wanted to reinstall as well. Help much appreciated. 


Update - I hooked my unit up to my computer, got the latest Seas0npass, and just restored with that and itunes (that is 4.3). Fresh in stall of aTV Flash, and my aTV is humming along happily again. Hope this helps.