Reimagining Infuse: Better UI

Hi, i am a long time user, i use Infuse daily and i love this app. But still, I think there are some ways Infuse could improve even more. The UI, for example, is not so much different from Infuse 6 and it seems like that it is not taking advantage of bigger screens. I thought of some ideas that in my opinion would really improve user experience.

This is Infuse Now:

This is Infuse Reimagined:

These are some of the suggestions :

  • Diversifying Ui: Alternating vertical poster to horizontal background
  • Magnifying effect: (for Mac and iPad with cursor): when the cursor comes across one ‘object’, the object gets bigger (as you can see in the image)
  • Banner at the top: When unwatched content is added, if it corresponds to series/movies , also a thumbnail is downloaded. The thumbnail routes between the available’s at every startup
  • Logo/Movie Thumbnail: As you can see, a logo is added on horizontal background to give a better visual impact. Also, the logo would appear on the respective movie/show page in place of the standard text font.

*The logos and banner are taken from and I couldn’t seem to find anywhere else (tmdb and tvdb don’t have them).

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