Regular top shelf items not populating since aTV 1.2 update

Since I installed the update 1.2 of aTV, the “top shelf” area is not populating anymore for the built-in sections like Movies and TV Shows. If I then select a sub-menu of these sections like “Top Movies”, the screen goes blank and then it comes back to the home menu (it seems to be crashing Lowtide as all the menus are reset like when I restart the Apple TV).
Furthermore, if I go to the section Internet and select, let’s say, Podcast it displays a screen that says “Accessing iTunes Store” with a rotating wheel that goes on forever… I have to press the button Menu to come back.

My take on it is that any feature that is requesting data from the iTunes Store (movies, Tv shows, podcasts, …) is now broken.

Any idea of how to fix that?

Many thanks in advance for your help…

Have you disabled any of the standard Apple menus?    Doinbg so (particularily the Internet menu) can have this sort of effect.

By “disabling” do you mean I have hidden menus using Maintenance, Settings?

Not done anything like that. Everything was working fine until I updated Maintenance and Media Player…

any other thoughts?

Are you using Overflow?

I am indeed. And mentioning Overflow fixed my problem (also gave sense to the previous poster’s message):

I had collapsed the Internet menu inside Overflow the same day as I upgraded to aTV 1.2 (explaining why I thought it was related). The problem didn’t appear until I restarted the Apple TV one or two days later. Removing the Internet menu from inside Overflow AND restarting the box (very important in both cases to affect or fix the issue) fixed the problem. Top shelf area is now populating again!

Thank you both for your help :)