Registered on iPad, aTV Infuse Will not upgrade.

I downloaded Infuse 5 for both my iPad 2 Air and my Apple TV. I already have Infuse 4 running on both devices. Last night I upgraded the Apple TV app by signing up to the subscription service, and it said it would charge me after the 30 day trial period was up. Well, today I used the In-App upgrade to make the iPad version into Infuse Pro. Sure enough, the software thinks it’s Infuse Pro 5.0.2. And it plays every file I throw at it, including DTS-HD MKV files. Here’s my problem. I’m trying to use Infuse 5 on the Apple TV (which should be BOTH inside the 30 day trial period, and also Pro because I purchased the iPad version). However, every time I try to play any file with AC3 or DTS, it says “Start your 1 month trial now.” But when I press that button it says “You are already subscribed to this.” It suggests going to Settings > Accounts > Manage Subscriptions. When I do that it says “Your request couldn’t be completed, try again later.” Also, when I checked the Apple Store on my iPad, it says I have to pay $17.99 to buy the Pro Version. Fortunately I still have Infuse Pro 4. However, it seems like installing Infuse 5 has broken all my share favorites that point to Plex libraries. Has anyone else run into this problem?