Regarding audio data sent via Airplay

When I play something on infuse and use audio output via Airplay directly from mac control centre then atleast 100kbps is being used for upload rate.
But when I use inbuilt airplay option from Infuse it uses around 20-40kbps only?
Is infuse downgrading audio output on mac? I mean airplay supports lossless playback as well.
Another question I have is regarding number of channels audio is being sent over Airplay on MacOS, in Midi it says 2 channels, but in iOS infuse has option to enable 5.1 audio over Airplay, does infuse send upto 8 channels audio or just 2 channels on airplay.
Sorry for asking these much at once but I’m super curious about these things.

The type of audio formats supported over AirPlay are pretty limited.

If you’re playing something that is Dolby 5.1, then this can be sent over AirPlay. For most everything else, Infuse will send 2ch stereo.

I guess you missed the main part about my question, on mac when I Airplay directly from Infuse upload rate to soundbar is 20-30kbps only.
If I airplay same file but using control centre as airplay audio then data send rate is 120kbps+
As airplay do support lossless audio, is infuse sending lossless audio when directly Airplay?
Yes I know iOS Infuse has option for 5.1 audio over Airplay option, but does MacOS Infuse directly sends 5.1/7.1 audio on airplay considering Midi says 2ch for airplay.

Do these videos contain multiple audio tracks?

If so, can you try selecting a different audio track in Infuse when using AirPlay to see how things work for you?

Same thing happens even when I choose different audio tracks.
And another issue with airplay which hasn’t fixed till date is when we start airplay of audio it should start video and audio together but for some reason video starts earlier which syns the audio out of order, to fix this I have to forward and backward the video a bit.

If I airplay audio through direct MacOS sound system same thing happens in infuse. Netflix, YouTube. They don’t have any issue like this.