Refresh Watching List entry content when selected

I often find that if I select an entry from the Watching List it does not contain the most recent additions to that season of TV episodes. I suspect that this is because my media Server is powered off overnight and so inFuse is not able to pick up all updates to the server before the Apple TV goes to sleep?

It seems to me that a potential solution to this could be for inFuse to rescan the folder associated with a Watching List entry when I select to go into that entry. That way it would pick up the latest changes for a TV season without the need to do a full scan of all my media.

Are you letting Infuse finish it’s scan after you launch it?

If you go to the Settings Library screen right after launching and wait till you get the “last updated…” message does the watching list then have the most current additions?

Yes - that works but can take several hours to complete (I have a large media collection) so it is not really at all convenient.

I want something that basically allows me to go into inFuse, select an entry for a TV show from the Watching List and be reasonable certain that the episode list shown is up-to-date. I was thinking what I was suggesting was something that inFuse could do in a few seconds.

I’d bet that having something else trying to join in the update start up routine wouldn’t be real easy to code and may cause problems with the other background processes but I’m no code monkey, I just remember what has been said about the different updating processes and how they interact.

Does your server power down automatically or is it a manual thing? Would it be possible to let it sleep instead of powering down? Then Infuse could update in the background if you set the ATV settings to allow it to.

Is it for cost savings that you power down or another reason? Just curious since most servers are set to run 24/7/365.

I have my server set to power off automatically at midnight, and back on at 9:00 in the morning.

Since I will never want to use the server during that period and the power saving works out to around £100 per year it is definitely worth doing. I must admit I was surprised at the size of the saving but that is what my energy monitoring shows

Note that in my scenario it is not a case of the inFuse startup routines as normally it is left running - it just that the background update cannot work if the server is not there, and by the time it comes back the Apple TV has gone to sleep. The problem would probably not be there if inFuse could run 24x7, but after 10 hours (the max setting) the Apple TV itself goes to sleep and does not wake up again until I try and use it in the early evening the next day.

Makes sense to me if you can save that much.

One other thing that may let Infuse update sooner after your server comes back online, in the ATV settings under the Background App Refresh settings I’d try turning on the background app refresh and then turning off all other Apps except for Infuse. Not 100% sure but I believe that Infuse will update in the background even if the ATV is asleep. That may let it hit the server sooner.