Refresh Playlist after deleting files

Is there a way to ‘force refresh’ a playlist so it removes vids no longer in the library?

Files I delete on the NAS remain in playlists and collections, despite rescanning library / refreshing metadata. Even though the library database shows the video count going down.

I use Infuse mostly for holiday/family videos, to organize by collection & make playlists. So in settings: metadata fetching is off / embedded metadata is on. Library folders connected to SMB share. File access & adding folders all works as expected: 0 Films; 0 Tv episodes; ‘3000 other’ in library.

If I delete a file on the NAS, scan for changes, the library count goes down (2999) but the video is not removed from existing playlists or collections.

Tried multiple methods: deleting from finder/file explorer on pc; deleting in the NAS OS; emptying NAS recycle bin; these vids remain in playlists/collections.
Only deleting with Infuse (file management) also removes them from playlists.

I figured manually refreshing metadata would point out to Infuse that the file doen’t exist > remove from playlist as default behavior? (like Plex does)

Especially annoying for shuffle: it pops up an error msg (on iOS/ipados) every couple of vids and it drops you back into thumbnail view. Having a toggle option in settings to skip unsupported/missing video files or just ignore errors and continue playback to next would help.

Am I missing settings/options somewhere?
Or is this the current default app behavior?

Items are not automatically removed from playlists and collections if they are deleted manually from the server. The reason for this is it’s not possible for Infuse to differentiate between an item being deleted vs an item being unavailable (EG an external hard drive being disconnected). In past versions it would remove items it no longer was able to find, but this led to many false positives as there are cases where the items will reappear again later.

If you delete them via the Infuse UI, then they would be removed from the respective playlist/collection.

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