Refresh not updating metadata with new resolution

I’ve recently replaced some of the media in my library with higher quality (4k) and have noticed that refreshing the library still shows the old resolution.

What do I need to do to get these items to update and display as 4K?

This has the knock on effect that they don’t show in the correct “Movies - By Resolution” folder.

This has made me think, do items that are deleted from disk automatically get removed from the library? Sorry, new user and still finding my way.


For performance reasons, Infuse will cache the specs for your videos and not check/update these.

However, if you replace a movie with a new file with the same name, you can have Infuse update the specs by using the Edit option, and reselecting the movie title.

Alternatively, when replacing videos, you can give the new file a slightly altered name (perhaps adding the resolution, EG Avengers_4K.mkv) and delete the old file. Doing this will allow Infuse to automatically remove the old file from the Library, and display the new one with the correct specs.

It seems that I already append the resolution to the filename (i.e. Bluray-1080p or Bluray-2160p or WEBDL-2160p), so the filename will have physically changed, but the metadata still hasn’t automatically refreshed. Is this because the parent folder name remains unchanged?

Manually editing does force a refresh, but requires me to change them all manually - far from ideal.

Thanks for the suggestion.

If you’re using single movie folders, then it’s likely Infuse is keeping the cached info for the folder itself.

In this case, you should be able to rename both the folder and video to have Infuse pick up the new info automatically.

Thanks. Seems adding the quality info to the folder name has resolved the issue and media info is now correctly updated when the quality of a file is changed.

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