Refresh metadata after TheTVDB update

I made an update to TheTVDB entry for World Of Dance Season 3, where an extra 42min episode for S03E02 was missing. I can’t seem to get Infuse to refresh the metadata for this series, as before it thought there were 11 episodes in this season when there are in fact 12. So the metadata from Ep 2-12 are all off. I tried clearing all my metadata, and also renaming my files slightly and then scanning my library for changes, but nothing seems to be working. This is on an AppleTV 4K running the tvOS 14 public beta 6.

There can be a delay before changes on TheTVDB are available to apps like Infuse.

I’d give it a day or use, then use the Edit option for an episode of this particular show to refresh the metadata.

You’re right, Infuse updated all episodes today after I used Edit menu to refresh the metadata for a single episode.

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