Refresh file information

I’ve recently re-ripped some of my movies with higher quality settings. When Infuse scans the library, it does detect that the files were updated because they appear as recently added. Unfortunately it doesn’t refresh the file information (resolution, video and audio codecs). I have to manually edit each of these files for Infuse to update the info.

I would be nice if Infuse would refresh that information automatically since it detected that the files were modified.

I stumbled into a work around for this, I found that if you first add the new rips and let Infuse do it’s scan before you delete the lower res files you won’t have to edit each one. You’ll show two copies of each new rip for the period before you delete the old one but once you delete the old one it will be corrected on the next scan and you don’t have to fiddle with each new rip.

You may have to pay special attention to items added to playlists, when upgrading.