Refresh does not find the new episodes

I am a Infuse Pro user and when i start the program on my Apple TV 4K, the program is looking for new episodes / Movies but it is not finding the newly added files
It is also taking much longer for the refresh to finish, even then i am missing episodes.

I have removed the Cache and then they where their (but took a very long time), but that should not be how it must work.


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A couple of things may be causing the delays. First, the files that aren’t being found, can you provide a sample of the file names?

Second, are these files located locally or are they on a remote share like google drive?

What protocol are you using? DLNA, SMB, FTP, etc?

WiFi or Ethernet connections for tthe ATV?

My Apple TV is connected via a Ethernet cable to a 1GB network.
The files are located on my Synology NAS (1512+) and the NAS is also connected via Ethernet cables to the same 1GB network
On my Apple TV i am connected via DLNA to my NAS
The name of the file that could be any.
I have setup my server like
TV Shows
Name from the show (Folder)
Season (Sub Folder)
Episode 1.mkv
Episode 2.mkv

If you some more information please let me know

I know that DLNA has caused issues for many since the name it sends to Infuse can change from what the real file name is and the other thing is that the Library function in Infuse doesn’t work fully with DLNA.

A suggestion would be to try setting up a SMB connected share and then let it fetch the metadata, also for file names in my experience the individual TV show episode seem to work best as “ShowName S01E01.mkv” This seems to have the highest success rate with fetching metadata.

Hi NC Bullseye
I have been checking the setup from the shared folders and noticed that they are setup with SMB.
Ik heb gekeken naar de connection speed and that was good.
In regards of the name from the file, haven’t had big issues with how it is doing it now. But will try it going forward with the serie name S01E01 - episode name.mkv. let’s see if this will provide me the files faster.

If you have more ideas please let me know.