Refresh Catagory Artwork In Library Not Working Correctly

Just tried the Refresh Artwork for some of the items in the library like the sort by age rating and the first time I tried on one of the sections it actually changed the actual picture. After the first time and for all other sections and sorts now it only changes the color tint overlay, not the actual picture.

Just to add
Infuse 7.5.7
MacOS 13.4.1

The background images for the buttons (such as on the genres bars or release decade filters) appear to be drawn from either the TMDB-sourced top-rated title in each category, or its most popular one. It might change if you move titles in or out of your library but it won’t ever change if the lists’ contents don’t change (or new content isn’t rated higher than the existing title whose fanart is displayed).

I don’t know how Infuse chooses among multiple items with the same rating / popularity but I know I’ve never been able to change the title chosen to represent each item … and it is one of my biggest pet peeves about Infuse’s UI.

And it’s still the same with 7.6.5 and MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1

@james any chance of getting this working again?

I believe this is working as designed.

When choosing which artwork to use for these categories, Infuse will take the fanart from the top rated item. If the top rated item changes you would see different artwork when using the refresh artwork option, but if the top rated item hasn’t changed then only the overlay color would change.

If you want to display artwork from a specific title here, you can (temporarily) rate an item 10 stars and then use the refresh artwork option. Doing that should pull in the artwork for that 10 star item (assuming you don’t already have a 10 star item in that category).

How are we supposed to figure out what movie the artwork is from when it’s really nondescript?

Any idea of which movie this is so I can rate it a 1 to get rid of it? I don’t care which movie as long as it’s something recognizable.

It’s something in your actual library (in the 2000s category) but I can’t really say what it is.

Instead of downvoting that specific item you can upvote something else.

Well, there must be a ten in the woodpile changing didn’t work. Not really a biggie, even a random movie fanart would be fine if it just changed each time you refreshed.

I can do without a different pic on this one. :wink:


Just an FYI. The rating of a movie to 10 and then doing a refresh doesn’t change the artwork in the sort by release date.

Verified there are no 10 rated moves in the 2010s then rated a movie a 10 and tried the refresh. All it does is change the color not the artwork.

Maybe a bug?

Since I have no control over user ratings and enough films in my collection to have a lot already rated 10 stars …

How about you give us the option to rate something 11 stars — problem solved.


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Google thinks it was something from Animal
Planet. I’m thinking we’ve still got a few before the singularity happens. :man_shrugging:t2:


I ended up going through every movie preplayback screen until I found it. Even rating it as a 1 didn’t change the pic for the release date library when refreshing. Had remove the video completely from the NAS, scan for changes, then do a refresh on the artwork and then it changed.

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I have a documentary still I haven’t been able to get rid of almost since I first started using Infuse. Every time I wipe out and reimport the library it will come back.

More annoying are the repeated images when a film is the highest rated film in more than one genre.

I mean, as far as my pet peeves with Infuse go, this is one of the smaller ones; but I hope the recoding can bring us some control here, too: perhaps in the form of a new long-press feature on an relevant Home Screen items with a “Select Featured Film” option that lets us scroll through the films in the category to pick the one we want.

A second option there should be “Choose Sort Order.

So which film was it? I was really hoping to be able to figure it out but came up blank. It looked sort of like Pet Semetary (none of which released in the 2000s) or some other low-budget horror movie.

On second look, it’s just a bunch of clapping hands, one with a really big ring that looks like an eye if you are prone to seeing faces everywhere; as most of us are. And a woman in a sparkly dress of to the right. Concert scene, I guess, or night club?

And the odd thing, there aren’t any backdrops on TMDB so it must be a generated screen from infuse.

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There are now. :wink:

Yes, Infuse will auto-generate images when none exist.

I noticed in the edits that TMDB had deleted almost a dozen backdrops so maybe you’ll have better luck.

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The TMDB bot! Huh! Well, if it deletes mine after I went through the trouble of sourcing images and resizing them to meet the minimum dimensions, me and that toaster will be exchanging words. Strong words.