Refresh Button (tvOS)

So loving the new Infuse on Apple TV the home screen looks great, only one thing that I think is missing…a REFRESH BUTTON.

How about having a spinning arrow next to the settings icon of the home screen? When infuse auto refreshes your library (every hour apparently) it spins, but it can also be a button to press to force a refresh.

See attached image for quick mock-up :slight_smile:



If you go into the Library and scroll down to the ‘Last Update: …’ label and click it then it will start a refresh.

I have library disabled I have everything I need from the home screen, scrolling through screens to perform a refresh shouldn’t be the way either it’s long winded for such a task.

Yeah, Infuse is really slow to update cloud sources, like or Dropbox.

It seems that it doesn’t poll those often for changes and we have to navigate and manually update the library, and even then it doesn’t always refresh all new titles (yet I can see the new titles in other client apps).

If refresh actually worked properly, we probably don’t need a refresh button…

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But please not directly on the Homescreen, it should not get overloaded ??
Maybe directly in the settings Menue?

It’d not be a detractor on the home screen as long as it was like the original poster showed. Another icon the size of the gear would be fine.

Having the refresh button on any other screen would defeat the purpose and convenience of having one elsewhere other than the two locations under the settings menu now.

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Yes, as shown in the first post would be great.

It would be better if it polled and refreshed cloud files automatically, as other apps do (Squire, for instance).

It’s kind of strange that this has not been implemented yet, as it’s such a basic feature. (Same for Trailers…)

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Coming in 5.8.1. :wink:

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Brilliant thank you :slight_smile:

I would love to have a refresh button availible when I’m in the folders.

Swipe right or left and a pane with a refresh button on it appears.

Swipe and click and refresh happens.

Its kind of a hassle to exit and enter folder just to refresh it.


I don’t really understand what’s the sense of a „Refresh Button“…? ??

The Library always gets automatically updated from time to time and if I go to tvOS Homescreen and again open Infuse, it’s get directly updated as well…
So this Button seems to be needless? ?

Maybe to you, but others find it much needed. They want to reduce the wait for updates.

Yes, I understand this ?
But if the App is opened all things get updated automatically, without a button ?

I never use the library, only folder (favourite) view.
I add and delete videos from my folder all the time.
There is a LOT in my folders.
In order to refresh I must Exit and Enter a folder.
That entails a lot of scrolling and stuff…
That is a hassle, I don’t like to be hassled.

Swipe, Click DONE ← No hassle (well… minimum amount of hassle)

It would be great if my position is remembered after the refresh click…

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