reduced dynamic range of the sound

Hello to all! I bought Apple tv 4k, I bought infuse 6, I connected apple tv 4k to YAMAHA RX-V781 receiver, if you watch a movie through itunes, the sound is excellent, if you watch through the infuse application, the sound in the movie is quiet (as if the reduced dynamic range of the sound), why in the application There is no setting for dynamic range of sound. How to fix it?

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The output volume can vary between videos, as different audio codecs have different mixing levels.

What type of videos are you playing?

I bought the film “Curse Annabelle: Evolution of Evil” in itunes (film soundtrack - AC3 5.1), the sound is good, loud and the bass is good (I’m from Russia, I watch movies in Russian), then I downloaded this movie (from torrent) and launched through the infuse there sound is deaf there is no dynamic range and bass, sound settings in apple tv 4k - auto, if you connect the TV to the receiver and turn on this movie (the sound will be great, loud and the bass will be), how to fix this problem (you can check it film, see from 59 minutes)?