Reduce screen size (zoom out)

I bought a 55’ TV and some of my TV Shows don’t have enough quality to be displayed in fullscreen.
So I would like to make the following suggestion:

  • Add an option to “zoom out”, with this you would be able to reduce the size of the screen occupied with the movie (improving the quality).

Also, because my TV is an OLED one, the black frame (that would be displayed all around) should be a perfect black, this way it wouldn’t cause any OLED burn problems.

You can see an example here (using a different video player on a computer):

Thank you.

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That’s exactly what I need, too! ??
I have several old TV-Shows only in SD Resolution and terrible mastered…

And that’s the way to look this in „good“ Quality on a big Television without scaling to Fullscreen ?

“Picture Settings” on some TV’s are no Solution…

We want a Setting directly in Infuse!
Because within Infuse all Settings are saved per File/Video and that’s an much easier way to use this instead of change Picture Settings on the TV :wink:

Please add a function to Zoom IN or OUT the Video ??

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I have a 2.35 screen without an anamorphic lens. When I watch a movie I manually adjust the projector’s zoom so that it overscans the screen. Then I have to manually change it back when I watch TV (16:9). This feature would be awesome as it would allow me to leave the projector zoomed to the movie version and switch it via the remote. Since TV is 1080p, I wouldn’t even be losing information as the video would still be scaled up from the file format.

What would be even better would be if I could tell the app I had a 2.35 screen and when I played 16:9 or 4:3 videos it would automatically shrink the video down to fit within the bounds of the screen (creating black bars on the sides and top)

Kodi has this implemented via MrMc in the ATV. With that you can zoom in/out to any amount you want.

Use case: I have a large 77" OLED. Old shows on it that were recorded in the days of video, rather than film, look terrible on it. I zoom out to re-create a much smaller display. Almost like a projection lens zoom function.

You have lots of options there already, but would love to be able to just add your own percentage zoom.

Would it be possible to create a custom zoom percentage?

I have a 77" OLED and watching something like 3rd Rock from the Sun or old comedies on that is really awful due to the size. I used to watch these old shows on a 28" TV! With the Shield and Kodi I can scale it down to whatever percentage I want. I was also used to doing that with popcorn hour players. It’d be also very useful for my projector.

Is that something the team could add?

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I moved your post to an already running thread requesting this feature.

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