Recursive Slideshow from parent folders

I have just installed aTV Flash and have a couple of issues, this issue is that all my images are of course organised into a folder hierarchy. To play a slideshow you have to select the direct parent folder of those images. You cannot select the entire parent folder and play ALL images, or even a parent parent folder (e.g. I have a folder Holidays, then under than folders of all my holidays - I cant slideshow Holidays, its greyed out). 


I have a simular structure and I too would like to slideshow my parent folder of ‘holidays’ and not just the many individual ones I have in that parent folder.



And something else - when the slideshow has been playing for a while, I get a ‘memory near full’-warning. 

Update to 1.5, I havent had any memory issues yet, however, slide shows are no longer working for me! See my seperate post.

Hope its Ok but I want to repost here to ask if there will be some official reply or decision if it will be introduced, because I will want to find an alternate solution otherwise. I like to put a slideshow on of all, or many images, not just a specific folder. Thanks