Recovery.dmg file - what version?

First, I have NEVER been successful at getting AFP to work (I did get SMB to work with a PC but it was slow and choppy). I can see my desktop shared partition in NitoTV servers. It is labelled AFPOVERTCP. When I try to connect I get the -1069 server error reported so frequently.

AppleCoreLLC folks say I need to put the recovery.dmg file in the /Documents folder, along with an IntelComboUpdater. The 2nd file is easy to get. Since I don’t have a 1.0 machine, I don’t know how to obtain the recovery.dmg file. Someone made one available to me but it didn’t work for me (or for them) and I think it’s because it’s the wrong version.

I read the following at

“recovery.dmg is the 2nd partition off of a 1.0 appletv. It is recommended if you have an AppleTV that came preinstalled with anything newer than 1.0 (you would know this because OS.dmg on the 2nd partition will be < 180MB if the versions are newer). You want version 1.0 OS.dmg (MD5 (OS-dot-DMG 1.0.dmg) = 55b909196952ff72c93aaf3553cf661e) because it has things that later versions do not. Since we’ll be pulling things from this recovery location, it is easier if you have it handy. Steps for downgrading your recovery partition are available here:>”

When I ran on MD5 on the recover.dmg file that was offered me, I got a different hash.

Does anyone know where I can find the required file? TIA!

Hello to all

I'm looking for the "recovery.dmg" - I can't find a link for downloading. Is there anybody who can help me - can send me the link!

Thank you.

Greetings from Switzerland


Enabling AFP requires a 1.0 recovery partition, and unfortunately unless you own one of the original Apple TV that shipped with 1.0 you are out of luck.

We can’t legally distribute the necessary files from the 1.0 version.

Sorry. :frowning: