Recovery and Updating After aTV Install

I installed aTV Flash 3.2 without incident; everything seems to work as advertised. I also successfully set up USB access and Flash support. However, I didn’t do any sort of backup of AppleTV first. I just let it upgrade to 2.1 and installed aTV Flash. Now I’m wondering if I was remiss in not doing an initial backup.

Should I have done the initial AppleTV backup?

Will future AppleTV upgrades work without going back to a pristine AppleTV? Ditto for future aTV upgrades?



You can always revert back to the factory settings by performing a factory restore through the Apple TV settings menu.

You will be able to install any updates Apple puts out without reverting back to the factory settings. If an Apple update is installed, the aTV Flash software will need to be reinstalled.

Future aTV Flash updates can be installed right on top of the 3.2 version.