recovering filenames & 4tb hard drive

I currently have a 1.5TB hard drive as the external primary storage on my atv. I also have a 4tb hd that I had wanted to use because 1.5tb drive is nearly full. I have since discovered the atv does not support hard drives over 2tb, so I’m stuck trying to find solutions on how to expand my storage capability.

The option I am currently pursuing is to have the 4tb hard drive on my mac and stream all of its content to the atv. This way I can access the full 4tb over the network.

When I was originally syncing my media onto the 1.5tb drive, I would replace it in my itunes music folder with an alias and delete the original file to save space on my computer.

My problem is that I now have to put all of the files from the 1.5tb atv drive onto the 4tb drive attached to my mac, but for some reason all of the filenames on my atv are complete nonsense. They are organized in subfolders from F00 to F99 and all have 4 letter names instead of the full, descriptive filename I had originally given them.

Does anyone know a way I can easily recover all of my filenames, or does anyone know if I would be able to clone the 1.5tb drive to the 4tb, use it as external storage on the atv, and somehow bypass the 2tb limit?

The AppleTV organizes its files differently than iTunes. However, if you import the files into iTunes the metadata (artists, title, album etc) will be restored.