Recover the Genre tags after deleting by mistake


I just bought Infuse 6 pro for my AppleTV4K and I deleted the “genre” tag by mistake
I still have “most popular” " most ecent" etc. BUT i need to recover the “Genre” tag for my wife’s ease of selection.

Do I need to uninstall and reinstall or is there a shortcut please ?

Thanks a lot

Welcome to the forum!

Don’t worry, it’s a real easy solution. Go to Library > Movies > scroll down to Genre and long press on it. Select Favorite and you should be good to go. :slight_smile:

Hello NC,

Thank you for your prompt reply !
This purchase reaallly makes it !
It’s really impressive and easy to use.

Is there a way to manually force the recognition of series ?
The app can’t find La Zona ( Spanish serie) and planet earth II from David Attenborough. Though it’s well on the tvdb website.

Thanks again for your great app

Glad you like Infuse!

Infuse relies a lot on having the file names in a specific format and that will often be the problem when it can’t find the proper metadata. If you’d post a sample file name for each series we can see if we can figure it out.

There’s a great users guide here that will show the recommended ways to name your files. Metadata 101 – Firecore

The one possible problem that may impact this is that thetvdb has just undergone a MAJOR site update and their still working the bugs out of the API side of the house. This has been getting better and better every day but there are still a few gremlins in the machine.

Thank you and sorry for late reply NC Bullseye
I have been very busy lately profesionnally and I have kept the whole entertainment apart :frowning:

Please have a look at the attched screenshot this is how the files are named
When I try to do a search via Infuse on the APT4K there is only one planet earth II but recognized as a movie


The way that Infuse currently appears to work is that it look for a season/episode number in the filename and if it finds one then it assumes the file is a TV episode and looks it up on, otherwise it assume it is a film and attempts to look it up on

As your files for Planet Earth II episodes do not contains anything that look like a series/episode number it will be attempting to look up a film rather than a TV episode.

I suggest that you rename the episodes to something like:
Planet Earth II S01E01 Islands.mkv

Infuse will see the S01E01 in the filename and therefore assume this is a TV episode rather than a film.

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