Recommended Video Directory Structure for Media Player?

Thanks for the update!

Brand New Lifetime owner here.  Was really disappointed after noticing this problem.  Coming from XBMC and Plex this was a let down but I’m so glad to see it’s around the corner.  Whats the ETA for 1.3?

Version 1.3 with support for folder based organization/playback is out!

Full details here.

Well, it would be nice to get a document describing the folder organization and naming for info file, cover file and fanart, because although I do not have to navigate to the subfolder containing the actual file to select a movie, movie information contained in the XML file are not visualized and the cover art is not the same as before. Fanart does not get visualized.

My organization is:

Movie(year) folder -> Movie(year).avi, Movie(year).xml, folder.jpg, about.jpg

folder.jpg is the cover art

about.jpg is the fan art

I do appreciate the efforts to address this request in release 1.3, but I have to agree with robertoc.1251:  There is no understanding of how movie-in-folder support is implemented.  It takes me back to my original question in this thread - what is the recommended directory structure?  There was a preferred directory structure in mind that Media Player was designed for - what is it? And specifically, what is it now that movie-in-folder support has been added.


I would assume that allowing Media Player to read meta-data existing within the directory structure of the video repository would be an easy switch for developers to turn on/off?  I find it frustrating that I have to wait for Media Player to populate meta-data every time I open my video folders.  Can this info not be cached and updated only when requested, or not at all (updated externally by a video meta-data manager app, of which there are many).  Presumably over the long-run this is less work for developers as the meta-data fetch would not be required.  Right now things are all too “plug-and-play” without any configuration options.


Below is one example of how metadata/cover art will be recognized in a folder. Unfortunately fanart overriding is not yet supported. The only required item is the movie file, all other items are optional.

/Star Trek 2009/

– Star Trek 2009.mkv

– Star Trek 2009.xml

– Star Trek

– Star Trek

– folder.png or cover.png

– folder_poster.png or cover_poster.png

No Fanart? Well, it looks like we are almost there.

When are folder and folder_poster used while using the Media Player?

I use ViMediaManager to fetch metadata.

It names the cover art <movie name>.jpg instead of folder_poster.jpg.

In that case does Media Player recognize that as cover art or does it fetch a new cover on it’s own? Thanks.


Can you layout one example of how Media Player will recognize directory structure of a TV Show with metadata already downloaded using another program (ex. ViMediaManager)? Thank you.