Recommendations for current generation high-end Windows laptop for 4K video editing?

Budget cap around $3,000 ish.

No Macs.

Must have integrated 4K (3840 x 2160) monitor, preferably 100% DCI-P3, and a video card that also supports this.

Should not have issues playing back HDR and DV content in various flavors and somewhat future-proof in that respect.

15-17” form factor but generally prefer 17” because I don’t travel much and they usually leave room for adding extra cards (4 RAM slots, several SSDs).

I’m not as current as to best & best value video cards and CPUs. I generally try to go somewhere between best available and best value.

Focus is on editing multitrack 4K 30hz to 4K 120hz content.

I’m not really a gamer. Only thing you’d catch me playing are racing and flight simulators (but I don’t own any at present).

Any suggestions and/or advice appreciated.

So se you are looking for a laptop do you have any requirements for weight or battery life?

Nope. Not really. I’ll fly with it seasonally every now and then, but I likely won’t ever commute with it regularly.

I personally don’t use windows much, but I do know that getting 4k120 to work with external display will require hdmi 2.1 and not sure if you can find a mobile graphics card that supports that yet. If that is a hard requirement it might help you chose.

I don’t anticipate I’ll be outputting content in 4K 120; I just want to be able to shoot in it and then edit it down for slow-motion shots.

And, yes, good to know I’ll need 2.1 for that — thank you (if using an external monitor).

Was reading last night some high end creator laptop being dinged for not having a 2.1 output.