Recommendation for Cloud Service - Inconsistent Speed With Premiumize causing buffer

I have an Apple TV 4K with infuse, setup with cloud drive Premiumize.
The average speed is 120 mbps Burt it looks like the speed is very inconsistent.

On regular occasions it buffers on 10GB H265 mkv files, which is really annoying. Do you have any recommendations on more reliable services or on the set up?

I don’t have the space for a local NAS / drive and like the ease of using a remote drive provider.


Have you tried the different settings in “Streaming Cache”?

It’s in Auto, I did not touch it.

I think it has more to do with Premiumize, I just did a streaming test on the same file with each of the 3 streaming settings and the average speed are as follow:
Auto: 38.43 mbps
Legacy: 34.61 mbps
Memory: 18.53 mbps

When the speed using Speedtest on the Apple TV is: 125 mbps download and 44.5 mbps upload

I have also optimize the server selection on the Premiumize side, so I think it’s the download speed they’re giving that is not consistent

I’m migrating from Google Workspace and I was hoping to get some feedback as to streaming speeds from pCloud and Dropbox business. I enjoy high quality 4K content and I want to make sure it will stream well.

I’ve been searching for the same.
Also, I have an ATV 4K 2021 in 32GB which could explain my buffering issues as well since (from what I understand) the space on the ATV is limited

Where are you located?

I want the same too.

Right now I 4k stream from my home internet which is Fiber but I never get no buffering 100% only about 90% of the time.

Maybe I am doing streaming wrong lol ?

My 4k video movies are 30 GB to 70 GB

Oh well. Maybe one day 4g lte and 5g will be fast enough/stable enough to stream when out and about with no buffering.

I am only talking about wifi and Apple TV. I am in NYC