Recognizing all Blue Planet II episodes?

Is there any way to get Infuse to recognize all seven episodes of the BBC series Blue Planet II?

I added them to my library, but they weren’t recognized, showing up another the “Other” category. I have all the episodes in a folder called “Blue Planet II” > “Season 1”, but they weren’t recognized.

I tried to manually change the Metadata, but the only entry in the database matching “Blue Planet II” was a single entry covering just the first two episodes (merged).


How do you have the files named? It should be something like “Planet Earth 2 S01E01.mkv” and so on. The folder should be “Planet Earth 2”.

There are only 6 episodes to the series and they are listed here

If you have more then you probably have a special and that would be named the same except with season being 00 instead of 01 you can find the special episode numbers here