Recognizing 1 TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB External Drive

I a relative newbie to aTV Flash (originally bought to FTP files OFF of aTV after a harddrive crash on my PC which I did successfully).

Trying to use an external drive with all my ripped DVD’s but it won’t recognize. I deleted all files and programs off the FreeAgent before putting movies on the drive (about 60 of them) but I’m not sure what OS is running on the external drive. The drive is recognized when plugged into my Win7 Laptop.

I’m not a hacker or programmer so FAT32 and NTFS etc means nothing to me. I just thought it was plug and play with the USB drive.

I am logical and UI savy so if someone can explain why I need to reformat and can tell me how, I can get it done… I just don’t understand some of the language and format stuff).

BTW… just this morning I ran all the updates for aTV Flash (from manage plug-ins) and ran the Installer again, but as usual it just hangs and I had to hard reboot by unplugging. Perhaps this is the problem, but I have never gotten aTV to come back after saying yes to installer. The only thing I can view from Files menu is the aTV Flash demo which I downloaded as a test.


Your issue is most likely related to a drive format issue. There is a simple, straightforward guide for re-formatting your drive in FAT32 at the link below.

Please note - this will remove any data you currently have on the drive.

Thanks Max. Meant to reply back earlier. Reformatting to Fat32 was super easy and it worked like a champ. Thanks for the help.