Recognize tags in filenames for cuts/parts

Maybe at some point, though 3D seems to be fading out as a thing. For now, you could add these as an Edition tag.

You mean you have 4 individual files?

  • Alien.1979.Theatrical.720p.mkv
  • Alien.1979.Theatrical.1080p.mkv
  • Alien.1979.Directors.Cut.720p.mkv
  • Alien.1979.Directors.Cut.1080p.mkv

If so, then yes. Here’s what you’d see with those 4 files.

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I’m digging it. Very nice work. :+1:t3:

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Tell that to James Cameron.

Excellent. Very excited for this !!!

Here’s an updated list of all the automatically recognized tags.

  • Director’s Cut
  • Extended Cut
  • Theatrical Cut
  • Cinematic Cut
  • Final Cut
  • Unrated Cut
  • TV Cut
  • Uncut
  • Special Edition
  • Ultimate Edition
  • Black & White
  • Wide Screen
  • Full Screen
  • IMAX
  • Part x (cdX, discX, diskX, dvdX, partX, ptX)

This is how the tags will appear in English. These will be localized for all the available languages for a more native experience.


These will need to be in the { } brackets correct? Not just part of the file name?

No, these would be detected without the brackets. In the bracket you can put whatever you want.

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I believe he wrote these will be parsed automatically (without brackets), and any other text not so treated can be included using the {edition-TEXT} format.

I thought the automatically recognized would not have to have the word “edition-_” on it.

There probably should be some other limiter as to where Infuse looks for these if not the {} brackets.

Maybe look for these words only after the year in the file name?

No brackets or ‘edition’ text required for this this particular list of items.

The edition tag can be used in addition to this if you want to specify other arbitrary tags, or tweak how the tags appear.

Also, these only kick in if you have multiple versions of the same item. If your library consists of single copies of everything (which is probably most people), this new feature will have no impact.


Just was looking at a few possible problem areas

And also movies like The Hunger Games where the words “Part 1” are actual parts of the name.

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Titles which have ‘Part 1’ as part of the actual title are ignored here. This applies to things like Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

If you have an item title that matches one of the tag items it will not affect matching.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 9.15.21 AM


Thanks James! Will continue poking at things with a stick. :wink:


Exactly. No brackets, no “edition-“.

Agree it makes sense to only parse this info if included after the release year, but enough people don’t include the date that he’s probably decided accounting for that is too problematic.

(While writing my own scripts to parse filenames, I’ve had to account for dates that aren’t parenthesized, those that are, those that are in brackets, and those that I might misidentify because they’re actually movie titles or included in movie titles … which happens more than I’d thought … even after limiting my consideration to only 4 digit numbers beginning in 19 or 20).

The phrases listed are specific enough they aren’t likely to be included in the names of titles and be mistaken (though I wouldn’t be surprised if “black and white” won’t be at some point … I do know that just searching for “IMAX” and pulling the text from the title broke my parsing of one such item — “Voyage of Time - An IMAX Documentary” — which became just “Voyage of Time — An Documentary” in my first attempt).

Thus I get why my preferred abbreviations won’t be parsed that way. Though I do wish they might be if included in brackets absent “version-“ tagging …. but I grok why such accommodations inevitably lead to such considerations inevitably increasing the chances for things to break.

Another question, can the word “and” be used in place of the ampersand ?

There are still some that prefer not to use the ampersand in file names as some operating systems don’t handle it gracefully.

Right, the tags listed here are just what will appear in the UI as a ‘pretty’ tag.

The actual matching is a bit more wide-reaching. EG You can include ‘theatrical’ and not just ‘theatrical cut’ in the filename.

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How do we sign up for the beta? Is that possible?

It says private.

It’s a link to the Announcements sub forum.

That’s open to all users.

So here’s another question for you:

In the time this feature hasn’t been available I’ve taken to differentiating the different versions of titles I have multiple copies of by taking time to create (and get used to viewing my) distinct customized posters and fanart images for each.

How will such personalized images be treated? Will all versions be collapsed to one in the library? Which item’s poster artwork will be shown? Will highlighting the various buttons that are used to select among the available versions at least change the fanart displayed on the details page to the ones used for each particular version?

Is this feature going to be optional (i.e. can we choose to opt out)?