Recognize tags in filenames for cuts/parts


Small question: Would you be able to include recognition of curly brace text without the “edition-” part (to keep file names shorter, assuming anything in braces is meant to indicate the title’s edition)? As in simply:

  • Blade Runner (1982) {Director’s Cut}.mp4
  • Blade Runner (1982) {Final Cut}.mkv

Or is the “edition-” component necessary because you expect to expand this tagging system to be used with other features?

  • Blade Runner (1982) {tmdb-78}.mp4
  • Batman Begins (2005) {tmdb-272}.mp4

The latter would be great for those pesky movies and series with short, one-word titles that often get recognized as something else … but either of the former would certainly be a fantastic way to implement different versions, allowing whatever text we include there to be shown onscreen — very exciting! :+1:t3:

Including the edition portion is necessary otherwise Infuse would pick up anything in curly braces, even when it’s not intended. I can find examples of potential issues in the library of the thousand of sample files we’ve received from users over the years.

It very well could be used for tmdb IDs as well down the road.

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Understood; that makes sense. Thanks for the reply, and the hard work!

Any chance for Jellyfin naming conventions to be supported as well for consistency?

If I‘d follow your proposed naming schema, version names would default to something like “{edition-Directors Cut}” or “{edition-1080p}” which looks really ugly and unfortunately I do have to use the Jellyfin app sometimes for access to features not supported in Infuse.


We have this working in the current beta release, and here are some details on the options which will be available.

You can add arbitrary tag names as specified in filenames using an ‘edition’ tag in this format.

  • Blade Runner (1982) {edition-Director’s Cut}.mp4
  • Blade Runner (1982) {edition-Final Cut}.mkv

We are also are parsing certain pre-defined cuts from the file or folder title:

  • Director’s Cut
  • Final Cut
  • Theatrical Cut
  • Extended Cut
  • Parts (cdX, discX, diskX, dvdX, partX, ptX)


  1. Parts integrated into the movie title are not parsed. For example, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1’
  2. Tags are only shown if you have more than one copy of an item in your Library


Is this also recognized without the apostrophe?

Yep! With or without the apostrophe works, and Infuse will show the apostrophe in both cases.


This sounds like a great workaround for Jellyfin!
Is the list of pre-defined cuts complete? Because I’m definitely missing a few there

  • Unrated Cut
  • TV Cut/Television Cut
  • Black and White Edition
  • [Lang] Version (e.g. “English Version”, “Italian Version”, “French Version”, etc.)

The last one is crucial because some Blu-Ray releases will come with different versions of the film that translate certain aspects like title cards and credits, or sometimes even objects within the movie for animated films. I’m deliberately only listing somewhat common names here, I can accept that I might just be out of luck with very specific version names.

Neat! Looking great!

How about abbreviated versions of the same?

I utilize these:
DC → Director’s Cut
FC → Final Cut
TE → Theatrical Edition (wouldn’t mind switching to “TC”)
EE → Extended Edition (wouldn’t mind switching to “EC”)

Also using:
SE → Special Edition
UE → Ultimate Edition
UC → Uncut
UR → Unrated
AE → Alternate Ending

and of course:
IMAX → IMAX version

plus odd ones I only use every now and then including:
WS → Wide Screen
FS → Full Screen
OM → Open Matte
OAR → Original Aspect Ratio

and ones best not messed with, probably, such as:

CC → from the Criterion Collection
HC → (containing hard-coded / burned-in subtitles)

We can probably add this one.

Will need to think about these.

There are probably too many combinations here for this to be reliable, without potentially breaking the matching for other files.

IMHO, adding support for 2-3 letter abbreviations is going to be too risky.

For example, SE could be Swedish

OAR could be part of a title.

DC could be a universe like Marvel.

EE could be Estonian.

Just way too many ways for things to break.

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Ah, yes.

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)'s Black and Chrome Edition
Logan (2017)'s Noir Edition

Good call. Though likely supported by the {edition-Black and Chrome} scheme that is most accommodating these one-off uses.

Understood. Maybe in combo with the curly brackets? {DC}

  • I subsequently remembered another category: Alternate Ending

Will this work with Plex/Emby server?

Television Cut would be a pretty essential one, I think. Not only for extremely long movies like Fanny & Alexander or Scenes from a Marriage where the longest version is often advertised as the Television Cut, but also for movies that have historically been re-edited for runs on television to please the censors - many of which include alternative scenes.

On second thought, the short form “TV Cut” might be a bad idea as that could also stand for Tuvalu e.g.

Already feared that might be the case. Thought I throw it out there in case it might be able to easily check against a list of languages and then see whether the next word is “Version”, but it’s not too tragic either way. I’ll survive seeing credits in the wrong language.

I actually thought about the Black and White-Edition of Parasite and the Fade-To-Black-and-White-Edition of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. But the second case is too specific and I’d probably still be able to differentiate them if it was just called Black and White-Edition as well.

When using Jellyfin, Emby, or Plex Infuse pull details fetched by the server instead of reading the filenames directly - so unfortunately this new logic will not be available for those sources.

So that means, if Jellyfin is the source we’ll still be restricted to whichever version Infuse picks up on first?

This would be a separate feature and something we plan to support in a future version. You can follow this thread.

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Can we also get tag recognition for 3D titles? Both Side by Side (SBS) and Top over Bottom (TOB).

Also, if I have the following scenario, would Infuse show four versions? Two for resolution, two for cut?


Maybe you’ll get dynamically adjusting options as I briefly sketched out in the image I posted here that I describe as working in a manner analogous to shopping for clothing or consumer electronics on Amazon …

Basically, to watch a one of your films you’d need to pair up two available options (as you need to choose both an in-stock shirt size and in-stock color (at the size) to add a t-shirt to your shopping cart.

But like shopping on Amazon, the buttons change dynamically as you go … so you can hit either the button for “extra-large” or the button for “blue”, and the rest of the buttons update based on what’s available. Select “4K” and the edits you have in 4K are highlighted. Or select “Director’s Cut” and whichever resolutions you have that version of the film in become highlighted. Pick two, add to cart (push play), and go watch your movie!

Or maybe it won’t be anything like that at all. lol. Someone taking part in the beta probably has an idea. :upside_down_face: