Reciveved an used ATV2...



Reciveved an used ATV2 (already jailbroken and firecore installed) running ver 4.4.4. Im wondering how can I do a clean re-install fr scratch of firecore (with new account)  so I can have the latest features. Another thing how do I get that newer Apple UI without  interfering w/ the original jailbreak?

Any chance Kymira’s one posted question might get answered this year? It would be so appreciated. I have the same questions and I’ve been watching this post for weeks. I have purchased aTV Flash silver, black and Infuse but acknowledgement of support questions would be encouraging. Thanks in advance.

To update the Apple TV software you will want to re-jailbreak with the latest version of Seas0nPass and re-run the aTV Flash (black) installer from a Mac or PC. Doing this will update and jailbreak your Apple TV at the same time.

Prior to updating you may want to backup your settings to streamline the setup process after the update is complete. This can be done on the Apple TV through the Maintenance --> Settings --> Manage Backups menu.

Note: An untethered version of Seas0nPass for 5.3 should be available later this week, so I’d recommend holding off until then.