Recently watched

Media Player >An option for ON/OFF Recently Watched.(privacy)

When subtitels is supported(.srt) I say Goodbye to XBMC.

Greetings from The Netherlands en keep up the good work!!!


You can clear the recently watched items through the Media --> Settings menu.

Is this sufficient, or would you really prefer to disable recently watched files altogether?


Yes I would prefer to disable recently watched files altogether.

My kids watch other movies… :wink:

Sometimes I forget to clear it and the next morning they got a nice picture.

This request is EXACTLY what i’m talking about.  In the 1st gen ATVFlash there was a setting to not have the recent list.  Can we bring it to the ATVFlash Black?

let the user choose, what he/she wants to set up/hide is always a good idea.


same request from me