Recently watched list

Is it possible to get a Movies library filter showing movies by most-to-least recently watched?


Moving to suggestions.


Is there any function or option to get a list of the movies I’ve watched recently?
Or is there a filter to list all watched movies?
All functions I can find seem to concentrate on unwatched movies only…


There’s not a recently watched filter but I’ve moved your post to the suggestions area so others can vote on adding it as a feature.

If really really wanted you can hook up with Trakt. They of what you watch, and when…

At least that’s the way I do it

I use trakt as well. Like to know when I last watched something and also how many times I’ve watched something.

I’d really like to see this feature implemented.

I do not keep a library of content, but, with Covid-19 and infinite lockdowns where I live, there has been a fair bit of binge watching of various things.

Whilst I can manually delete one file at a time with the file-management option enabled, it would be easier if I could simply create a virtual list of content that has already been watched.

If that existed, then, either an option (with a few confirmations) of deleting all files in that list could be added, OR, I could spend the time going through the items one at a time.

I use Trakt, have my content on an SMB mount, and am mostly playing on an AppleTV.