Recently purchased aTV flash not installing

I just purchased aTV flash black from firecore. I was able to download it but when I tried installing I always get a message that it quits unexpectedly and the licensed is already expired. Can’t somebody help me with this???

yes, the exact same thing happens to me as well. emailed and posted about this the other day but have yet to hear anything back! im watching the thread but please let me know if you do or find some other way! thnx

Same here! When trying to install atv flash black 2.6 on my atv using my mac iOS 10.13.1 it keeps crashing! Sent already 2 messages to firecore support but haven’t heard back from them. Very unprofessional!!! If anyone is finding a solution to the problem or a workaround please do share here.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Ditto. No answer yet. Disappointing.

Same problem here… still no solution???

I do have the same problem. Does it have something to do with mac os version?

Same here. I received an email that they would look into it.

Same here. Also sent an e-mail and response that they will look into is. Still waiting…

I sent a message stating that ATV Flash Black crashes. Certificate expired. It looks as though this has been on going since October 2017. When will this be corrected? Thanks

Same thing happens to me! What a waste of $30:00 !!!

Guess they are too busy pushing infuse.

Sorry for the delay.

We’ve just released an update which includes support for macOS 10.13, and the latest version can be found under the Downloads tab in your account.

Thanks for your patience.

Update worked perfectly. Thanks…

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Didn’t work for me! Still having the same problem, just bought it about 20 min ago! Please help!

I gave it a whirl this morning. It worked for me. Flawless. Now…when will we see a Seas0n Pass for APPLE TV 4 and 4K?

Seems like it’s all about INFUSE the past few years. I don’t even use it.

I’m using Mac OS 10.13.1 and AppleTV 2nd Generation, does it work for anyone else?

10.13.2 Is what I am running.

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