Recently added

A few years ago when I first started using infuse, I submitted a message stating that the recently added feature doesn’t work properly. I was informed that most users like the current method, and I was given steps to make it work. Steps I didn’t like and had to avoid using the recently added option.
After reading the messages over the last few years, I see that most people don’t prefer the current way and would like to have items added to show up in order that they are added.
This is not a suggestion as there are many already there.
Now, my question is why hasn’t there been an option added to give the users the choice of how the recently added works? The current way or the normal way?

It will take enough user input requesting this as an option.

It seems that there is very little interest in changing back to the original way Infuse determined “Recently Added”.

Originally it would use the “First Seen By Infuse” date but the logic is that on new share that would be every file so they changed it to the “Created/Modified” file date.

Personally I too prefer the first seen by Infuse date and since after the first set up with Infuse the “First seen by Infuse Date” would far more accuratly depict what files have been added to Infuse versus the “Created/Modified” date which often causes videos to NOT be displayed when added since the file may have been on the server for a long time but just added to the Infuse library.

If you’re interested, you can see the interest this has garnered with my thread in the Suggestions area here.

Im just curious if this issue is also relevant to Infuse with Plex Media Server?

No. It works fine with Plex (sort by Created Date, not by this Modified Date)