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Not frayed, no problem at all, it’s for the greater good.

I was confused, I meant to say ‘Library’ tab was gone, I have it back now, turned it back on from settings.

So the two movies, I don’t have them outside of dropbox, and dropbox doesn’t show created dates. I can get the created dates if I download them, would that help?

Also, there is one thing to note…I had noticed that some of the movies in the Recently Added had some additional folders labeled ‘other’ or ‘subtitles’ that I didn’t need, so I deleted those and then those movies disappeared from Recently Added but were still in Library and playable, so they were fine. I then checked out other movies in Recently Added to see if they also had extra folders, and they didn’t. So that pattern doest make sense to me. Just thought that might shed light.

I appreciate you keeping with it. :+1:t2:

Are any of the new files added appearing anywhere in the 30 slots of the recently added movies slot? Is there possibly a group in that list that is sticking in the first several slots with the new files added appearing after that group in the list of 30?

First question - Yes I found 3 new movies showing.
Second question - Not sure I understood but see below.

Here’s a screenshot of the list of Most Recently Added movies (30 total) showing in my Apple TV, I just typed them out. There’s actually a pattern of alphabetical going on? I also added in the screenshot the dropbox most recently added 30 movies (modified is the same as added in dropbox as you can see in the modified dropdown). I highlighted in red the ones showing in Apple TV.

I’m not real familiar with DropBox but do you have each individual movie in a separate folder? If so, just wondering why add the extra level instead of just separate movies in the Movies folder.

Are the movie files themselves file types like MKV, MP4 AVI, etc?

Are the movie files themselves file types like MKV, MP4 AVI, etc?

Yes, they are a mix of all those movie file types.

Why add the extra level instead of just separate movies?

I don’t mind NOT having folders, I guess I could eliminate that extra step.

The reason why I added folders was to consolidate movies, artwork and subtitles together in one folder. But I could try re-uploading everything without folders and name all the files with their matching names but have their independent file type ending (.jpg .mkv .srt).

So for example:

All Movies folder



Would that solve the Recently Added issue?

And actually in addition, it’s very common that movies are in folders.

It would be a totally wild guess if that would solve it but maybe try it on just the first 10 or so in your recently added list and see if that changes anything. Then going back to the way you had it would be easy.

The only reason I say that is where you said you got rid of some of the extras and it changed things.

Personally I went with just naming the subs and art as the movie and didn’t put it all in folders but depending on how things evolve in the future, I may go to the single folder for single movie solution.

Yep that was it.

Infuse Recently Added doesn’t like folders. I upload two movies without folders, they showed up right away.

Thanks for the tip.

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Thanks for sticking it out! It adds a whole new layer of possibilities when you’re dealing with a cloud service and not knowing for sure how they modify things to work with their system.

Glad you’re back to being able to see what’s been added correctly. :smiley:

Very very cool :+1:t2:
Much love :heart::heart::heart: