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I’m using Apple TV 3rd generation, and I’ve connected my InfusePro account to my Dropbox account, so I’m uploading folders with mp4 files in them and refreshing infuse and everything shows up fine. My problem, I can’t get “Recently Added Movies” to refresh correctly…For example I uploaded a batch of 29 folders to dropbox from the dates of Aug 15-19, and only one folder is showing out of all of those in the “Recently Added”. I’ve tried refreshing from the home page, I’ve tried refreshing from preferences…doesn’t update.

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Recently added has a 30 video limit I believe so it will only show the last 30 videos.

In your case if a folder has more than 30 videos and you add multiple folders Infuse will only show a single folder if it contains more than 30 videos.

But why is it not refreshing to show the last 30 videos I uploaded?

Infuse uses the created/modified date so if you add more videos and their dates are earlier than the ones showing they won’t be listed.

No they are not dates that are earlier. I’ve double checked the actual file dates on my HD.

Then perhaps dropbox is providing a different date from what you uploaded.

Nope, just checked. Dates are all correct and matching the date I uploaded.

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?

Can you browse for these files on the Dropbox site and see what dates are shown there?

A few screenshots of what you’re seeing in Dropbox versus Infuse may help pinpoint what is going on.

Sure, here you go. Here’s the breakdown of the images:

Image 1 - Here you can see that I’ve uploaded today and yesterday 3 movies
Image 2 - Here you can see that I’ve refreshed in settings tonight (I also refreshed from the arrow icon on the home page)
Image 3 - Here you can see Recently Added movies (scrolled all the way to the top) showing movies uploaded weeks ago only
Image 4 & 5 - Here you can see the movies stamp date I’ve circles in red showing in Recently Added were actually uploaded a while back.

The 3 movies from today and yesterday are not showing at all anywhere in Recently Added. Just in the main Library. They do show there.

I believe that Infuse uses the Created date/time of a file and only uses the Modified date/time if the Created date/time is not available (which may depend on the connection method); Therefore you need to check the Created date/time of the files in question, rather than the Modified date shown in your example.

Create and modified dates are the same day.

My experience has been that the Recently Added list is driven off the folder modified date, and not the file modified date. I would check the folder dates to see if that makes sense.

Yeah if you see the folders in the area I called out labeled #1 in the image above ^. The latest folders are showing in dropbox.

Are you able to check the file dates (in addition to folders) as they appear in Dropbox?

Here’s a movie I just uploaded tonight, you’ll see the folder in the top part of the image with tonights date highlighted in red, and the .mp4 file in the folder with tonights date also on the bottom portion of the image. I refreshed in settings, and double checked to make sure the movie was actually showing in the app on apple tv. It was there. I then selected the Recently Added section, still showing old movies. No sign of my movie.

Could you show the dates of the first movie or two that are appearing in your Recently Added list that aren’t going away?

You can see the two first movies on the left. And now suddenly I don’t have the “recently added” tab that used to be to the left of “movies” tab. Not sure what happened.

I don’t think you can have both a “Recently Added” favorite and a list. I’m pretty sure Infuse limits you to either or not both.

I know you’re probably getting pretty frayed with this but could you find the “created” dates for those first two movies?