Recently added

“Recently added”

In the library, the option “Recently added” has no use in large libraries or large movements.

Any customer or content server shows you the newly added order, but with the whole library or a higher number of films.

I raise a catch where I added more than 30 chapters of several series, but as I added a full season, I only get three series of a library of over 1700 series.

It’s useless now to see the new chapters, I have to go sailing through all the series and chapters in alphabetical order.

Because in newly added order only 3 out of 30 appear.

This should be settled, I have already discussed it in several years on some strings and no solution.

The 30 recently added appear in films.

If you put a full series in series, it only shows you a series even if you add 10 chapters of different series, one in each will show only a series in “recently added”

You should expand the movies and series in that section with a larger number to show or the whole library so I would show me the chapters I just put in.

Then in library, that option is not only I can see it alphabetically or by date, but the date does not correspond to recently added if not to the publication and that option is not worth.