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For weeks now i’ve had one show (NCIS - Season 3) showing as my most recently added, even though all the other things i’ve added recently then appear after it, is there a way to resolve this?

Also the system seems to randomly decided movies i’ve had for years are recently added and they re-appear in my recently added list - again this isn’t correct behaviour


What type of device are you streaming from?

For most device types, Infuse is able to reach the actual date info from the files to determine which items are the newest, but for some connection types (namely UPnP and DLNA) we don’t have access to this date info.

I’m using SMB from a QNAP NAS and ive checked To ensure files aren’t randomly getting new file stamps

I’d also recommend checking the dates on each NCIS episode and the folder which contains them.

For example, if one episode had a date that was incorrect (way in the future for example) this would place the entire season into Recently Added even though most of the episodes had older dates.

I found a non episode file in the folder with an incorrect date which seems to have confused things.

Great! Glad to hear you’re back on track. :slight_smile:

Ok, initial diagnosis was only half the problem… I have all my films and tv in folders. My QNAP NAS was happily running around creating a thumbnail folder withing them called .@__thumb. Unfortunately infuse is taking the date stamp off the containing folder not the media file itself thus these thumbnails cause havoc with my recently added list. Any chance of a fix to use date stamp on media files themselves?

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