Recently added / unwatched view

One of the things I really miss is a recently added / unwatched view. Ideally this would work across folders and subfolders. So movies/series can be presented in way similar to smart playlists in iTunes.

Some options

  • sort by date added
  • recursive
  • show only unwatched (or partials)
  • group shows (show all unwatched episodes in view or group them under 'series name' and show unwatched on tap (sub view))

aTV flash had a simiar view but after buying an aTV3 infuse is my goto app.


This would be great on the iPad version too. Often forget about things I've added to my library.

A sort by date option will be available in the next version of Infuse - and we're also looking at a few other ways we can improve visibility of new files for future versions.