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Which logic is applied with the recently added TV shows filter?
Because only a few added new shows are shown in this filter, not all new shows (for example the second seasons of several shows like „See“, „Godfather of Harlem“ or the third season of „Mayans MC“) Instead the older ones stay in that filter and I don’t know why.
@james , why Support code is FNXTN

The recently added goes by the created/modified date of the file so if you have some videos that were incorrectly dated when modified or created so their dates are say in the future (which is not uncommon for some reason) they will stay at the front of the Recently Added list until the actual date catches up with the file date.


Creation date was like yesterday, but I’ve noticed that the Last Modified Date was a few month ago. Changed this attributes for my files (with Terminal-command “touch -m FILE”). So “Recently added” checks for the modification date. Now my new shows are getting recognised as new, thanks!

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