Recently Added TV Shows- Progress Indicator Issue

Hi FireCore Team,

This is one of those minor issues, but yet erks me all the same :wink:

If a new TV Show episode gets added to the library, the progress bar indicator at the bottom of the poster is as it should be with the “On Deck” widget. In this case, all the Episodes of “Rick and Morty” have been watched except the latest one.

However, in the “Recently Added TV Shows” widget, the poster for this series has no “in progress” indicator on it at all. Same pattern has been happening for other TV Shows as well.

It should have quite a long orange bar on the bottom in this pic right?:

(the top row is “On Deck”)

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Edit: Forgot to add. This is on an Apple TV 4k 2021. Latest ios 16 update, latest Infuse App (7.4.5). Library points to JellyFin (10.8.4)


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Just to add:

When a 2nd new episode is added to a series, then the “Recently Added TV Shows” Widget will kick into gear and show the progress bar. However updates on other TV Shows won’t force the refresh of any show with just one newly added and unwatched episode to update with the bar.

Updated behaviour:

  • 2 new episodes were added to a show the other day (which were to a new season)
  • “On Deck” Widget updated to reflect this, yet the “Recently Added TV Shows” widget didn’t show any progress indications from previously watched seasons at all. This also applies if the same section is viewed via navigating to the complete set of items by going through the Library browsing manually.


I restarted the AppleTV, re-loaded Infuse and then the Widget updated properly. I’m assuming bringing up the app switcher and killing off InFuse would have achieved the same, will try that next time. Manually refreshing from within the app has no effect.

Problem happened again recently. This time to a TV Show that had about 3 unwatched episodes in it. A fourth came in, “On Deck” poster all OK. “Recently Added TV Shows” though, blank poster.

This time I closed the app via the App Switcher. Reloaded Infuse, the poster then came good.

Watch the “Family Guy” poster in this recent example:

Hi @james,

Are you any closer to finding what is causing this issue? Just wanted to add that the behaviour is the same in 7.4.8

Is there anything I can do from my end to help troubleshoot?

This should be resolved in today’s 7.4.9 update. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.

Hi @james,

Thanks for fixing this- it’s looking good so far. A couple of show updates came in today and the posters are behaving on 7.4.9.

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